LCL Consolidation

LCL consolidation covers shifting of “less than container” load cargo from an Inland Container Depot to a nominated hub terminal. This is done under a customs seal, usually in a domestic container. The sealed containers are opened at the site of the terminal and the cargo is re-worked on a destination basis. This time, there is no re-examination by customs. The reworking of LCL boxes has been allowed by Indian Customs at specific, appointed hub terminals that are normally situated at city ports.

LCL shipment movement by air and sea needs minute monitoring and attention for safe, timely delivery; which is handled efficiently by our practiced team and global agents.  LCL cargo is accepted from any point of origin and dropped off at marked global destinations with the help of dedicated agent networks.

Almighty Shipping’s services include:

  • Documentation
  • Pick-up from Ex works
  • Safe, timely delivery
  • Tracking of shipment while keeping client intimated

There are no big or small customers – only valued customers